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Add your name to this petition to the Queensland Government calling for taxpayer-funded productions to prioritise jobs for Queenslanders.

We the undersigned actors, creatives, crew and audience call on the Queensland Government to recognise the value of local artists in building a vibrant and sustainable local arts culture and to prioritise work and career opportunities for Queensland-based artists in productions funded by the Queensland Government. 

From the findings of our Jobs For Queenslanders Survey in 2023 completed by union and non-union, performers have receive only an average of 0-2 auditions for a live production in a year while the average for performers in screen have been 4-6 auditions. This is not enough.

As staunch advocates and supporters for the growth and prosperity of the Queensland arts sector, we find ourselves faced with a critical concern that warrants the attention of the State Government. Post-pandemic Queensland has experienced a rise in screen and live productions but there remains a lack of secure and meaningful employment opportunities for Queensland performers and crew. This is unacceptable. 

We believe Queensland government-funded productions hold a special responsibility to the taxpayers and the artists of our state that these such productions should inherently contribute to the growth and development of Queensland's arts community.

We firmly believe that by prioritising local actors and crew in meaningful jobs it can achieve significant outcomes including:

Cultivating Local Excellence: Queensland is home to a diverse and accomplished pool of actors and crew who have dedicated their lives to honing their craft. By ensuring their involvement in productions, we contribute to the elevation of artistic standards and the continual growth of our industry. 

Nurturing Emerging Talent: The guidance and mentorship provided by seasoned local actors are invaluable resources for emerging Queensland talents. By prioritising local hiring, we create an environment in which skill and knowledge are passed down, securing the future of our industry. 

Better Economic Resilience: Our creative sector is a dynamic contributor to the state's economy. Fostering meaningful job opportunities for Queensland arts workers bolsters local businesses, generates revenue, and supports the livelihoods of countless individuals who contribute to our artistic ecosystem.

We want to ensure work funded by the Queensland Government builds sustainable careers for not only our current artists but, the artists of tomorrow.

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